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May 26?! Yikes and Hooray! May 17, 2011

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Yesterday I emailed Joe D’Angelo my kitchen and bath contractor to ask when they planned to start the kitchen installation. We took possession of the house on May 3rd and even though we had met before that date, it wasn’t until later that week that I made the kitchen cabinet and granite decisions so I figured it would be June or so before the install would begin. In the meantime, we have talked to and hired the painter and the guys to do the hardwood floor repair and installation and have gotten estimates from a few dry wall guys. Apparently the economy isn’t as bad off as I thought since the dry wall guys are all pretty darn busy. The ones we had talked to could all do the work (there are a bunch of smallish jobs totaling a few days all together) but the start dates were in early June for them. No problem I thought to myself! We had finished the gutting of the kitchen and even though there is drywall work and soffit work to be done before the cabinets get installed we had plenty of time.

Apparently I was wrong! Joe and his crew are on the ball and because I am using stock cabinets (very nice ones but not custom made) they are pretty easy to get. Joe fabricates the granite counter top onsite in Pontiac so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when he emailed back to say that he has scheduled the carpenter for May 26th to start the install. YIKES! and HOORAY!

In panic mode, after having already made an emergency trip to the house in the middle of my patient time to meet the flooring guys and let them in to let the wood acclimate, I put Tony on the job and he called the guy who had done the drywall at his house several years ago. Dave met Tony at the house yesterday afternoon and can do the work! He’s not a young guy and had mostly retired hence his availability. He gave a list of supplies to Tony and said he would start on Wednesday this week. Wow. Now we have gone from a leisurely week following the demolition work this weekend to a hectic time of running to and from Home Depot and renting a truck to haul the stuff we need to the house for the work.

One thing you need to know about me: I’m cheap. We are serving as the general contractor on the job and doing a lot of the less skilled work to minimize costs and frankly to get a decent work out without a gym. But I’m learning this cheap quality has some downsides…..First, when I realized we were going to have to get a ton of stuff from Home Depot today, I pulled out a 10% off coupon that I got when I got the utilities in the new house. That was good! The downside is that I then decided I didn’t want to ‘waste’ the coupon and drove back and forth from the house measuring doorways and the small bathroom we are not gutting to choose doors, a bathroom vanity, counter top, and toilet. Did you know that you can call Home Depot with the SKU numbers and quantities of the items you want and they’ll pull them all for you and all you have to do is load them on a truck and head out?! Awesome!

So last night I stayed up late perusing the Home Depot site making selections of stuff I won’t see in person until it’s bought hoping I like them (returning them if I don’t) just to use the 10% off coupon. I gave the list to Tony with drywall and studs and framing materials, toilets and vanities and counter tops, and a door or two and that wonderful man has spent half his morning roaming around Home Depot making sure the building materials and bathroom stuff is right and he is arranging to get the stuff to the house later today. Hectic time for both of us but we sure don’t want to be the stalling factor for getting the kitchen installed late next week!

A couple of funny little things we learned about the house yesterday: the hallway lights are fed by a circuit from the master bathroom that had been disconnected in the demolition making measuring things at night really hard. Second we learned that a switch on the ceiling in the basement near the furnace actually does activate something: a light in the crawlspace! Lastly we learned the the breaker that says ‘oven’ really means ‘oven’ and even though the oven is disconnected the wires sure are live. OUCH! There was a bit of a ‘boom’ when we turned that breaker on trying to figure out how to activate the hall lights and the metal box with the capped wires inside was singed. Better the metal box than my eyebrows! A recapping of the wires was done so not a shred of metal could touch any other shred of metal and voila! no more electricity arcs!

It was a very busy day yesterday and today will be too as I go to the house after work to unload 2 billion things bought today before Mairen’s band concert tonight. What I want to know is how did Tim ‘the Toolman’ Taylor’s lovely assistant look so good on so little sleep and nighttime runs to the hardware store??? There isn’t a tool in the world to lift up the bags under my eyes!


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