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On My Own! May 12, 2008

Howdy out there!

I am really excited that this chapter in my new life is starting!  I have been thinking about going out on my own for a long time and finally the time was right.  I let my partners know a couple of weeks ago that I was leaving and things have been happening quickly ever since.  I have approved my space design for my new office and have started the process to switch over my address with the insurers.  I have chosen my electronic medical record and started choosing the furniture for the new office. 

My new office is just west of Somerset North and the old KMart World Headquaters on Big Beaver, between Adams and Coolidge in the Sheffield Office Complex.

Here’s a link to a map of the new location


I am planning on doing so many new things!  I will have an emphasis on wellness including info in my office and on my website about healthy eating, physical activities for people of all abilities, and mental and emotional health.  One of the things I love most about my practice life is getting to know the whole family.   I love seeing parents and children all changing and growing over the years and when times are great, sharing in that joy and when times are challenging, providing support and guidance. 

The office itself is different too.  The reception area will not serve as a waiting room.  Families will come in and be greeted by my staff who will escort you to the rooms which are outfitted with couches, chairs, books, and a tv.  I will come in promptly and have our meeting after which you can complete check out in the room and schedule any follow up appointments right there while sitting on the couch.  No more cattle call waiting rooms, no more extended wait times.  My mission is to provide excellent care in a homey setting that will be comfortable for parent and child alike.  I want families to enjoy coming in, as much as that is possible, and leave without the stress of long waits in crowded waiting rooms and then longer waits in stark and sterile exam rooms.


15 Responses to “On My Own!”

  1. Laurie Says:

    Hi, Molly! Congratulations on this new adventure in your life!
    When you get a chance, please send me a message so I can get my questions answered! 🙂


  2. Jerilynn Pintar Says:

    Congratulations! We are looking forward to moving over to your new practice.

  3. Erin Olson Says:

    You have been the topic of several conversations of friends and co-workers lately. Everyone had the “duty” of telling the others when they found out where you had gone. There is no doubt that your practice will be a huge success! Congratulations!

  4. Gretchen Hayes Says:

    Dr. Molly –
    We can’t wait to see your new office for our next wellness check-up. We are very excited for you. Congratulations on your new adventure.

  5. Karen Merkle Says:

    Hi Molly! Congratulations. Does your office have a new phone number so I can set up Lexie and Jackson’s visits for the summer? I’m very excited for you. Take care, Karen

  6. drmolly Says:

    Thanks Karen! You can either email with appointment requests or call me at 248 770 7245.
    Have a great summer and I can’t wait to see the kids!

  7. Kim Kelly Says:


    I just sent you a note after my panic while learning you were no longer with the BHP group! I am so happy to hear about this new venture for your practice and am certainly thrilled about the location of the new office…..we can walk it is so close to our home and school!

    The kids were a bit concerned when I told them you were no longer at that practice and I informed them they may need to see one of the other doctors to which they both exclaimed “No!”.

    We are looking forward to seeing you in August. You have seen us through 13 years of ups and downs, we look forward to many more. Congrats!

    Jack and Abby Parsons Mom – Kim

  8. Suzanne Says:

    Hi Molly –
    So glad to google you and find your site! Your new venture sounds great, and we are looking forward to visiting the new office once it is up and running. Will you post official opening information here?

  9. Jennifer Friedman Says:

    Congratulations, Molly! What an exciting adventure! We would love to schedule Max and Jacob’s wellness checks at your new digs! I will call you soon.
    Best of luck!

  10. D. Bulger Says:

    I am so relieved to have stumbled on this page (I googled your name). You are the reason I transferred to BHP. I was not happy to learn that you had left the practice. However, under the circumstances I am excited! and look forward to visiting your new office. It will be a bit of a drive for us but your service is well worth the trip. Congratulations!

  11. Bashi Says:

    Hi Dr. O’Shea
    We are so glad to find you and you have moved back in the neighborhood. The boys were sad when they heard that you were no longer with BHP. Even our 18year old who wants to know how long you can still treat him. I told them I would find you. we will see you soon.

    The Bashi Family

  12. Amy Allen Says:

    Congrats. Sounds wonderful! When will you be open for business?

  13. Sue fabian Says:

    Hi Molly. Just got home from our first visit at your office for Tommy’s flu shot. What a wonderful experience. A normally very stressful event was actually a pleasent experience. Your office is great!

  14. Kelly Luttinen Says:

    Dear Dr. Oshea,

    I (Kelly) am happy and sad at the same time! My kids have grown up with you. We may be moving in the spring, so I don’t know whether we should switch over or not. I am sooooo tempted to do so. Please keep in touch. Are you an operating practice yet, or not? Please let us know.

    Mr. Lindsey, Mrs. Kelly, Sarah, Megan, Rebecca and Luke Luttinen (my cell – 404-317-6253)

  15. Amanda Martin Says:

    Dr. O’Shea,

    Congratulations to you! I just now found this site. You gave us such wonderfully detailed advice that helped me through Madeline’s dairy issues. She’s doing perfectly now, save a bit of adjusting to our new home in the UK for a few years.

    I have always valued your advice and appreciated all your e-mail correspondence over the months. This blog is so suitable for you.

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