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build out pics! May 28, 2008

The latest photos show Tim Smith, sinks, cabinets, Goran and Adam, the floor, the door, the hallway and the still-under-construction reception area.  Getting closer though!


The painting is underway.  There are yellows, blues, pinks, sands and greens in the office.  The pink is more intense than shows on my iphone camera but I like it!  The green hasn’t been started yet but the others are underway!  Hooray!!!!

On today’s blog, there are pictures of the tile entryway as well as the doors on the exam rooms.  Gorgeous!



Wow what a difference a week makes!  Here are Scott, Al, and Miguel hard at work to get the office up and running!  The arch area is where the Wellness Center will be housed.


Here are the last build out photos for a week or so as I am in Austin.  You can see the walls are up, the transom windows and throwing light and Declan has decided to put contractor pencils behind each ear just in case!  Frank has been hard at work, as has Mark working through the holiday weekend to be done on time.  Thanks guys!



Here are the Independence Day photos.  The crew has been hard at work!  You can see the drywall going up, the little transom windows at the top of the wall and the area that will become the wellness center!



Here are the latest photos!  Poor Mark is in jail…..but the electrical and plumbing and heating and cooling are well on their way!








more studstaking shapemy kinda studs!mark, hard at workThe office is starting to take shape!  Here you see Mark, hard at work, and lots of metal stud supports.  I walked the space today and can actually see it coming together!






We are a few days behind on the build out….we had hoped to have the ceiling in and some framing done….here is what I have……


computer geeks and great guysthe kidsgutted spaceThe third group of photos is here! There are pictures of the nearly gutted space, Sean (left) and Mike (right) the computer guys, my kids (Mairen, 11, on the left, Conall, 7, in the middle, and Declan, 9, on the right), and one more of the gutted space.




Below is the second group of photos….the first one has Declan (9) and Conall (7) in the half demolished space, the second is the exposed ceiling, the third is a long view of the remaining walls to be removed on Monday and the last is Demo man Mark who with his crew worked until 2 am to get the ceiling down yesterday!

build out boys Declan and Conallexposed ceilingdebris and ceiling exposedDemo man Markthe chute from the suitethe chuteview from my officehere are some photos of the build out….the first is a photo of the chute that will carry the debris from the demolition from inside the suite, the second is a view of the chute from the outside and the last is the panoramic view from my office.  nice! 

as the build out progresses, i will update this page so come back often and check it out!


8 Responses to “build out pics!”

  1. Karen Weinbaum Says:

    Every time I check out your blog I get more and more excited to be coming to your office when it’s open. I love all your new ideas and especially like the sound of the middle of night message system.

  2. Josie Kavanagh Says:

    Molly, I am so excited for you. Can’t wait to see your new office. Let me know if I can help.

  3. Molly,
    Congradulations!! I am so supportive of you and your new practice. You have always been such a wonderful pediatrician and a great support to new families. I can’t wait to see the new office and for you to continue to provide care to my three children. They have seen you now for 10 years and I look forward to many more! You will love working with Sean from Cutting Edge….they have been fabulous! I look forward to referring our new mom’s to your practice! All the best to someone who is fabulous.

  4. Robyn Says:

    This is so exciting!! Now, just GET IN THERE so we can come see you!! (That doesn’t mean I’m wanting FJ to get sick though–trust me, I’m not). 🙂 🙂 So excited for you! It’s going to be amazing…

  5. Kristine McDonald Says:


    Congratulations on this wonderful step!
    Thank you for always taking such good care of my girls. You are an awesome doctor and a wonderful person.
    We all wish you the best and can’t wait for the new office to open!

  6. Shawn Morgan Says:

    Dr. Molly,
    Your offices are taking shape and look wonderful. Congrats on the progress so far. We are very excited about what you plan to offer patients (online availablity of vaccination records!)… brilliant. Looking forward to seeing it all soon. Congrats.

  7. Sue Reilly-Tracz Says:

    I FINALLY got a chance to check out this fabulous Dr. Molly blog… and now I know why Judy and I haven’t heard back from you about dinner club!!!! WOW!! Do you have ANY time left to sleep these days??? The new office looks fantastic. I am so excited and happy for you. I hope you continue to be blessed with busy days!
    FYI… you are still Ryan’s PCP as I figure out what to do. So if you get a call from a school in Novi, don’t be alarmed!!
    Congrats again and enjoy you new space.

  8. Kathleen Moltz MD Says:

    Molly: You need to post the final pictures (just to close out the saga!

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